It is the prominent enterprise culture that propels a excellent enterprise toward great success. The competition that enterprises are faced with is essentially a collision of culture. Driven by the spirit of “Impeccable Reputation, Ceaseless Exertion, Humanitarian Undertaking & Constant Excellence”, people in Meiquan is creating the harmonious ambient of cooperation and improvement.

Philosophy: Adventure for the Green Future

Customers: The satisfaction of the customers is the highest pursuit of us. The demands from customers determine the course of our action.

Quality: Product and service quality is the lifeline of the company, which underlies the Company’s commitment of “Providing the Best Products and Flawless Services”.

Brand: A brand is a showcase of a company’s products and services, for a reputable brand is always run by a successful enterprise.

Market: Search and explore the market that suits the Company the best, and exert for the largest share of it. Employees: They are the most valuable procession of the Company. Every bit of improvement on their skills and expertise is a credit taken by the Company, and every share of additional benefits and welfare enjoyed by the employees marks a new victory of the Company. Management: All business actions taken by the company are under the guidance and regulation of the scientific, professional, organized and globalized management. Spirit: Harmony, Honesty, Pragmatism, Enterprise & Innovation. Style: Strict, prudent, thorough, practical & unyielding