Market analysis of dehydrated vegetables


With the accelerated pace of life, fresh vegetables have been unable to fully meet the needs of people's lives, dehydrated vegetables began to more and more into the modern life. According to the current market situation, the top can find that the dehydrated vegetable market has been in short supply.
Fresh vegetables, processed into dehydrated vegetables, obviously has the following advantages: first, low moisture content, can prolong the storage time, can reduce the storage, transportation, packaging and other costs; two is the raw material utilization rate is high, dehydrated vegetables requirements on raw materials is not high, there is no special requirement for raw material size and shape; the three is made of dehydrated vegetables, broaden the scope of application of raw fruits and vegetables. Because of these advantages, dehydrated vegetables are becoming more and more popular with consumers. In recent years, dehydrated vegetables in short supply situation, especially with health care function of vegetables (such as garlic, onion) and some of the mountains and lakes of wild vegetables (such as bracken, Li Hao) and other more so. At present, dehydrated vegetables, world exports amounted to 100 thousand tons, since the beginning of China's vegetable exports from 1964, especially in recent years in the opening situation of invigorating the domestic economy, has developed into a large commodity export 15 thousand tons per year, receipts of $25 million. But at present our country has become the main supplier of Western Europe and Japan, garlic, ginger, mushroom products.

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