Dehydrated vegetables and food drying equipment


Fresh vegetable processing cannot do without drying equipment series, Cui source that has great effect on drying equipment of dehydrated vegetables in the production of the final product quality, taste and appearance.
There are two kinds of drying methods: natural drying and artificial dehydration. Artificial dehydration includes drying oven drying, microwave drying, puffing drying, infrared and far infrared drying, vacuum drying and so on. At present, the more advanced artificial dehydration is freezing vacuum dehydration. The product can retain the original color, aroma, shape and shape of the fresh vegetables, and also has the ideal quick rehydration. The technological process is: raw material selection, cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, cooling, draining, freezing, vacuum drying, separating and packing.
At present, one of the important trends in food processing technology is to maximize the nutrition, color and aroma of food, and the choice of drying technology and equipment has a great influence on the nutrition, color and aroma of food products. Food drying is the necessary measure to improve the storage and quality of food, and the performance of the dryer influences the quality and value of the dry food directly. In recent years, China has developed a variety of multi-functional, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adaptability of the dryer, food drying technology and equipment has made considerable progress.
I believe that with further improvement and innovation of equipment, production of dehydrated vegetables green source will also further improve the quality, innovation and taste, to bring you a new diet experience, more nutrition, more green, more abundant, so stay tuned!

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